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Vintage Beauties
Classic Beauty Never Dies
21st-Jan-2011 12:07 am - Esther Williams
Love this comm!  Needs to get some new posts.  :)  

Esther Williams - my favorite

2nd-Sep-2009 03:50 pm - Ann Sheridan

Can't forget this glamorous vixen from the Golden Age!!!

Vist my vintage site.  roaringz.livejournal.com/
2nd-Sep-2009 02:01 pm - Oh my Bebe

Bebe Daniels - One of my favorites!  So sexy in 42nd St.

Visit my own Vintage site, click on my username
20th-May-2009 01:41 am - james dean picspam.
♠ hey pretty baby with the high heels on

Hey everyone I just made a James Dean picspam
at a brand new community i created :D
tell me what u think

18th-May-2009 09:01 pm(no subject)

Hey!  Im working on a vintage pinup community site.  (Im not nearly finished!!!)   I just want to get people interested so I can have other peoples input.


Sorry if this isnt allowed;  just thought you guys would like to be apart of this,


8th-Aug-2008 07:12 pm - k
delicate balance
 my favs movie stars well there tons but i say fave ten are 

viiven leigh
rita hayworth
carole lombard
madonna -lol no she is older than that sorrylol
4)ava gardner
5)clark gable
6)greer garson
7)eleanor powell
8)jeanne crain
9)judy holliday
10)bette davis/doris day 

fave film gone with the wind and gilda i think i like gilda cause personality wize she's me apart from i cant sing but people who have seen it nd no me r like u r soooooooooooo gilda!lol i take it as a compliment i lke her friey quick personality!lol
5th-Aug-2008 03:29 pm - Marion Davies
Pattie reading
Here's a true blue-eyed blonde beauty! She's my favourite for now, I really like her.

Pretty, Pretty Face...Collapse )
18th-Jul-2008 08:50 pm - love old movies
delicate balance
love  old movies my fave dancer was cyd or rita hayworth, fave actress vivien leigh, my fave films all of them my fave actor gable and more all of them!
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