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Vintage Beauties
Classic Beauty Never Dies
8th-Aug-2008 07:12 pm
delicate balance
 my favs movie stars well there tons but i say fave ten are 

viiven leigh
rita hayworth
carole lombard
madonna -lol no she is older than that sorrylol
4)ava gardner
5)clark gable
6)greer garson
7)eleanor powell
8)jeanne crain
9)judy holliday
10)bette davis/doris day 

fave film gone with the wind and gilda i think i like gilda cause personality wize she's me apart from i cant sing but people who have seen it nd no me r like u r soooooooooooo gilda!lol i take it as a compliment i lke her friey quick personality!lol
30th-Nov-2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Vivien Leigh was flawless, she's my number 1 favorite too. No one had or has a face and body like hers. Even in her last film (I believe in 65) she was gorgeous.

Looks wise I think:
Claire Bloom
Maureen O'Sullivan
Elizabeth Taylor
Hedy Lamarr
Kim Novak
Susan Hayward
Grace Kelly

were/are beautiful. I'm queer so the men look pretty much the same to me lol.

My fav film is also Gone With The Wind, another Leigh movie that's good is Ship of Fools and A Yank at Oxford which also stars Maureen O'Sullivan.

The funny thing about Susan Hayward is that she supposedly hated homosexuals and effeminate men and now she's somewhat of a gay icon lol.
30th-Nov-2008 09:58 pm (UTC)
good choice and your so right x and instead of maureen o sulivan i love maureen o hara and paulette goddard! thanks xoxo catt
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