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Vintage Beauties
Classic Beauty Never Dies
29th-Dec-2007 02:27 am - Ginger Rogers
Pattie reading
One gorgeous blonde!

My favourite photo.

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28th-Dec-2007 07:10 pm - Announcements: New Rule!
Pattie reading
Hi guys. I came up with a new rule!

Tags are a MUST in each entry you post. Here are the three essential tags:
• Era
• Person's name
• Material

Please add all three essential tags to all your posts if you know all of them. If you don't; at least type one (the "era" tag is the most important.) You can add additional tags as well.

Example 1: An entry with a group of Clara Bow's pictures from "Hula" or "It".
Era → 1920s
Name → Clara Bow
Material → Glamour, silent film.

Example 2: A group of random photos of Bettie Page and Kay Francis.
Era → 1930s, 1950s
Name → Bettie Page, Kay Francis.
Material → Glamour, pinup, pre-code film.

Examples of material tags:
Pinup, glamour, burlesque, vaudeville, candid, portrait, silent film, pre-code film, bathing suits, movie, etc.
4th-Jun-2007 02:10 pm - Pattie Boyd
Pattie reading
Time for some 1960s sweethearts!

My favourite photo of her.

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